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Classic allows you to view Microsoft browser settings onlinewhile a number of options are provided (security, privacy, ease of use).

New security and privacy settings

Internet Explorer 9 has a new look and offers many choices available to the companyMo closer to his competition.

From the standpoint of privacy, the InPrivate function (allowing a vintage cinematic for viewing), allowing great pleasure and delivering you opensessions, has visited paginissive in the acceptingcookies of history. There is alsonow can configure privacy settings to select,what information you want to share with the sites you visit.

Security had to be proven and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, then we have new tools that provide surveillance protection and SmartScreen filter (which relates to security checks and certificates you visit to avoidundesirablepages).

Configure your web browser usage

Internet Explorer 9 is an option for the system incorporatea Microsoft (last) tabs in the browser. There’s no need to open a new window onanother page of the visit, and we believe that this feature is really a gulp of fresh air for Internet Explorer.It’s a shame, however, that the innovations have been so long (while there is no competition tookthe) New to be installed?

However, this is a browser that offers one of the most interesting options. There is, however, possible as a translation of language options that are configured to choose the display on the websites. If you do nottravel through always want todisplay Other pages can be collectedon the streets of the strange language that yourbrowser has. You can also change the engineoptionsto to choose a favorite, and you do not necessarily need Google as a base.

extension From the point of view, Internet Explorer 9 takes no more, and now also offersadditional settings of your browser and plugins. However, the offer to distribute don’texpect for: Internet Explorer, and another browser like Firefox delays in caring to always be on your own? However, the new expansion of the performance center providesan opportunity to analyze the useful consumption of resources,so that you can quickly identify extensions that can slow down your browsing experience.

With the browser and there is still a long way to go, continue

There’s no doubt that he has a copy of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 radically revised and new (and is welcome) to the confidentiality of options,expansion and security. Especially should be centerforextensions to work that will necessarily be one-on-itscompetitors.

However, despite the effortsof developers, the main Internet Explorer 9 is still behind its competitors toofar. Nowhere are almost as big as fast, Chrome and Firefox asOpera are lightweight and there are many types to climb.The light of the browser from Microsoft is that the expansion: too heavy for you is some real speed. Internet Explorer 9 decentbrowser is there, sednusquam has almost led to a very high family.

Internet Explorer 9


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Pen Drive Data Recovery Software x86 free download torrent


Pen Drive Data Recovery Software is an application designed to provide users with the means to recover information that may have been lost or corrupted in a standard pendrive. This can be a great asset if your personal or confidential data is very sensitive. The program is elegant and easy to use. Unlike other recovery packages, this package is specially designed for use with a pen.

The most important features and functions

PenSoftware recovery softwareDriver data can be considered a comprehensive recovery package, as there are several discrete tasks that can be done in a short time. For example, it automatically updates information that has been accidentally deleted. Interestingly, this system will perform the same steps if the folder is damaged or infected by an external virus. There is a trial run of this software available for download.

Options for others

Pen Drive’s data recovery softwarea great tool because it can restore information that may be unintentionally formatted in the wrong way. Often this is not possible with a collection of similar software. The paid version comes with an additional level of user service.

Pen Drive Data Recovery Software


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NBA 2K14 update x86-x64 download


Each year, when the NBA season begins, all basketball fans can see the new edition of the NBA 2K14, the best basketball simulator.

The 2014 edition features LeBron James, who has all the dedicated gameplay mode and celebrates the long awaited arrival of the Euroleague team. But this new addition makes the NBA 2K14 the best basketball game ever?

LeBron James, star this year

Each NBA 2K has its own player and this time, LeBron is James. Miami Heat stars are present throughoutof the game, ranging from introvideo video boards chosen by basketball stars. IDM 6.28

You are in LeBron mode: Path for greatness where he will direct his career. In the same way that the 2K11 NBA mode directed to Michael Jordan, 2K14 gives him the opportunity was due to the career of LeBron James. The difference is that he will not experience the early stages of the LeBrons race, as we did with Jordan, but you will always be with him for a longer time.
Last win

The NBA 2K14 allows you to choose between two scenarios.At the outset, LeBron will remainwith the Miami Heat to reach the height of his career or in the second, hell joins another team. In both cases, many challenges are waiting for you, with LeBron capable of boasting statistics that reached almost 99%.

Unfortunately, this mode is just a succession of games with scripts that are too linear to be convincing. It will be much better if you can choose LeBronstim, but you can not

Another important innovation of the NBA 2K14 is the arrivalof 14 Euroleague teams. Can you forget LeBron as the exhibitioncontinues with FCBarcelona, ​​CSKA Moscow, Olympiakos, Panathinaikos and other great European teams?

In this case, you must follow the rules of the European league so that, in particular, the three rules of defensive defense of the NBA disappear. What we do not like is not that you have to settle for just playing fast games, in the absence of a game mode that is totally aimed at the Euroleague team.

Lastly, we should not forget thatThe second option is just an addition to the already solid game. The NBA2K14 still has all the classic franchise modes: My Player, My Career, online mode and training.

This mode continues to grow, but it is they who make this game the NBA number one game we all know. On the other hand, the Tim mode is back. With this mode, you can follow the online tournaments with friends and players that you create in My Player mode.

Feeling like a good game

NBA 2K14 comes with an improved game. You will see what elseIt matters if you use the controller to play, because using the correct analogbar (Pro Stick) will allow you to do something with the ball: motion stops or complicated shots.

These changes try to make the game accessible to new players offering more intuitive controls. However, you should be careful not to keep the analog stick for a long time when you want to make a fake shot because it risks firing accidentally. If used along with the left trigger, the control lever allows you to doa coil without looking at his teammates.

Users can take advantage of the additional movement to blockor pass the ball (between the legs, rear rear, mental). The blockage system has been refined and we love it, because it allows you to intercept the ball and block it (chase block). There are no more ghost guns that block the ball!

Artificial intelligence has also been perfected, so it is much more difficult to break the defense. This is harder and better located aroundTo the free throw zone, so it will be harder to beat. From now on, mediocre players not only aim for baskets, but must find the correct spaceand combination to throw the ball or overcome the blocker.

By pressing a button, you can get tactical help, and this will show a gray circle in a position where the player with the ball, or one of his teammates, should have a greater chance of scoring.

In general, the feeling of the NBA game 2K14 is excellent variesstrategies and controls.

How to watch it on television

The presentation has always been one of the strengths of the NBA 2K series. Every year, Visual Concept does its best to offer an experiencesimilar to that seen by NBA games on TV.

Preliminary scenes, animation viewers and commentators with 3,000 new animations help create an atmosphere that is great both on the floor and on the other side of the screen.

The new animation shows the reaction of the player with more details: his emotion after obtainingA big blow or frustration in the bank after getting poor nutrition. People who like to watch NBA games can even recognize the movements and attitudes of certain players, thanks to Signature Moves.
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Inaddition, the NBA 2K14 has solved some errors, especially for lightning and rebound (before the ball passes through the arm). Now everything works and players react more realistically to each situation.

As for the soundtrack, LeBron chooses its own playlist.Kanye West, Nas, Daft Punk, Gorillaz and many more will join this game with the voices of commentators Steve Kerr, Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg. As usual, the NBA 2K14 only speaks English.


NBA 2K14


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Office Home


Microsoft Office 2016 Suite for Windows and Bread-and-Butter The company’s product revenue, though it moves to a dedicated Windows platform focus. This is the task that led to the release of Windows IOS and Windows Phone Windows before the Mac, when its source is 2016.

Any change, about him, oh little man

After you complete the installation process, you will get the latest version of Microsoft Access, Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Visio, and Word installed. And importantnote that this program is not available separately and as a package to download. If you are looking for a previous version of the program, it should be noted that at that time light, side work 2013 can run until 2016, and we can not be considered appropriately for the machine.

The big difference: one is the Lincoln Business tomorrow will see us now.

At first glance, look and feel similar words to the 2013 version, though it’s possibletake more Blue Ribbon interfaces. Well, slightly different, it is commanded to worship idols and remain the same.

There is also the largest box visible, please say more than the searchable search menu. For example, type input leave and set input, but function; True to the comments you need to do is agree. This function also adds Excel and PowerPoint.

The second document is a larger real-time editing, which means they arecan not be seen by other people who work on the document on the screen. This feature is already available for online services.

Other new features include a word where you can download a book program for Microsoft Word, and the easier option for storing email addresses will be added to the cloud, with an on-premises account, OneDrivene confusion option.

Behind the scenes improved

The Excel menu is a bit ugly, but the interface is basically the same previous version. Thoughthey can not see or surface. Changes, such as Excel, which use the much needed data when they want to know, Microsoft has increased business intelligence through its glory and greatness (B) function.

The company is integrated with various add-ons such as BI, which is only available separately from previous versions of Office. This includes the emperor’s power we need to add to the addition of the Power set to, instead of making the facts without knowledgeIT from which it should be owned by the user to enable easier surface (as it is clear to B. service); and Display authority, to facilitate the launch of reports provided by building users. There are also various new charts and charts to choose from, including the Treemap, Sunburst, Cataract, Pareto Pocket Histogram.

It’s also a new OneDrive nexumcum, so you attach files directly from the cloud.

Microsoft There are some changes that are not visible to the eyes, but the Informationuseful for protecting hands from encountering improper connections and improvements in IT access and management.

never change

Overall, the changes in Office 2016 for Windows are less than what they provide me with useful features, visible to casual users. In terms of developers of Excels, Microsoft users have the ability to make progress.

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Office Home & Student 2016


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Fernbus Simulator Torrent


This is the first simulation of the very popular German bus. In collaboration with FlixBus, a free bus simulator from Fernbus is designed to show in detail the daily life of the German coach / coach of the road while moving in more than 40 cities. Using the Fernbus simulator you can experience your everyday life with modern and large MAN Lions long distance buses.
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How it works

Approximately one kilometer to the German road network FlixBus, as well asMore than 40 German cities are simulated. Thus, individual trips are not too long, the simulator’s time is set to be embarked on a scale of 1:10. You can browse the complicated Autobahn road network of different bus stops, located in more than 40 cities, while vpostoyanna communication with the headquarters of your bus / bus.
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Accidents, traffic jams and construction sites evoke bus-side conveyor if you want to keep the schedule.


MAN buses are equipped with allthe characteristics that are found in the original cabins, with the exterior and interior of the bus modeled with the best details. The Fernbus simulator offers a realistic environment with unique original passenger messages. Simulator buses are optimally tested by real trainers for drivers and bus drivers.

MKV to MP4 Torrent

Fernbus Simulator


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