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Although the Euro Truck Simulator has been fantastic, it still seems the success of players who did not have the pleasure of crossing the open airway. But as you cross the roads and roads across Europe, you’ll have attractions, to feel like a true truck driver, you’ve got to hit the United States. This is what puts SCS Software in place, with the ultimate American Truck Simulator name.

hold the truck

You will find it difficult to use the American Truck Simulator adroznennepamizhto find European grandmothers. These games are basically the same: Start as independent drivers, earn money to buy their own trucks, and build your own company’s shipments.

But here, maybe more than any other franchise, the change of institutions is enough. There is a novel on a trip to the American beach beach, listening to country music on your inkjet internet radio. Therefore, despite the fact that the game is made and the physics management model remains unchanged, the vragideyapatsyagnuvshyalong the length of the entire route 66 feels unexplained otherwise.

At least it will be because now the American Truck Simulator only supplies two of the fifty US states: California and Nevada. Of course, both countries that represent rain and land can take a few hours to come from side to side – even in a fun game. Hard to handle in the world. Unfortunately, it prevents you from starting part-time as a more iconic journey.

It runs even though SCS Software is planning more countriesto release downloadable content – explain the ways to explain the price of the American Truck Simulator. Plus is definitely a wealth of community areas.

explain complexity

The world looks extraordinary, with a game of control to make the management of the natural environment, the suburban and inner cities, all the different fragments of sin. Drive around the travel date of Las Vegas, neon surrounds you, and the streets are filled. It is different from Bakersfield’s sand spool, where you have the wide open space aroundconsider you

Although traffic is less encouraging, lorries, especially their interior, are also modeled. It gives you a good feeling on earth because you often find yourself looking at the cabin to better look at the mirrors and other reviews.

It does not matter if you choose to control the action with microrhemay, keyboard or wheel, the American Truck Simulator takes you through the wizard to make sure you are ready before you leave. My advice is to follow automatic options, at least initially.You will have plenty to do as you learn how to go, GPS and other options.

Buy a new truck and build your business’s delay through a straight forward menu and explain the tutorial complex. They add depth and focus on actions while managing the rich rastsevasha and their reserves. It does not have to be, so if you want to follow his free-life life – get the experience to drive away at a distance and enjoy an amazing driving experience – whatever you can.


American Truck Simulatorcontinues with a series of thin lines and it comes at a good price budget. For new entrants to the freight forwarder, please note that, in direct comparison, the end of RelizEvra Truck Simulator 2 with DLC is more games. But the size is set aside, the new installations have some magic for it – especially if you have a thunderous country music from the speakers.

American Truck Simulator